• Take a knife,and put it through my throat
    cut me down,and watch me choke
    kiss my cheak,and promisse me it will be OK
    than lay me down,and walk away!! (delilicious)
  • Love Is A Name
    Sexy Is The Game
    Game For Two
    Me And You(Mirnes-16[at]live.com)
  • love is love, love is you, i love love so i love you.:D (natasa:D)
  • Why!!Why did you bother,
    Why did you try,
    How could you do it,
    Tell me that lie.

    You new it would hurt,
    And you hoped it would,
    I almost killed you,
    Now i wish i could.

    I havent changed,
    I havent fell,
    There is just one thing i wish,
    For you to go to HELL!! (malamaca)

  • Love is love,
    I love my love,
    My love are you, so I love you! (malena)
  • I wish that i could hold you now,
    I wish i could touch you now,
    I wish i could talk to you,
    be with you somehow! (malena)