• When i say love imean caring
    when i say give imean sharing
    but thats something you didnt do
    it vas something else you vere up te
    huring me and breaking this heart
    letting it fall each day a part days
    brght but always
    dark you left a huge
    mark on my heart!!! (MIRJANA SOKOLAC)
  • When a boy
    kiss a girl
    you must know
    thats love… (swatkica)
  • love is love,
    i love my love,
    my love are you,so i love you. (lejla)
  • Love is the name
    Sex is the game
    Forget the name
    Lets play the game (Ms_Emina)
  • yOU are my love,you are my sweetheart,you are my fantasy moon, you are my life!!!
  • Roses are red,
    sky is blue,
    and that is me and you too!!! (delilicious)