• best friends are the people,that know all about you,and still put up with your crap…
  • no world no man no man no woman no woman no sex no sex no children no children no school no school no problem
  • I kiss you,you kiss me, i mis you but you dont mis me..
  • GiRlS jUsT wAnNa HaVe FuN
  • The bad guys live to get im your bed
    The good guys live to get im your heart
  • you are A you are B you are heat for mi
    that is soo stupuid and my love is go not ede the tupid ….i now abut you all and yu about mee say nothing doll
    (ha sta ces sad)
  • I hate remebering….but I can`t stand forget….
  • srela sam gusara bio je slijep rekao mi je kako je život lijep… xD
    (maja marijana)